Plantation Weddings

Designing and Planning Plantation Weddings

For anyone planning a wedding, there are dozens of decisions to make including themes, colors, size,location, and style. Some brides may have a clear vision of what they want their special day to be like, while others might need a little more help and guidance. One option that is particularly popular in the southern states is a plantation wedding. That is, a wedding that takes place in a beautiful garden with a quaint dinner and reception to follow in a restored farmhouse full of history and traditional beauty.

Depending on the size of your wedding, there may be bed and breakfast accommodations on site for the wedding party and other guests who have traveled in for the occasion.

Historic Potential

The plantations sprinkledacross the south have traditions that date back 300-years or more. The large estates are large enough thatbeautiful gardens and river walks have been preserved much better than in the more densely populated city areas. The elegance and enchantment will take your breath away, which is why these plantations make the perfect setting for a fairy tale wedding.

Not only will brides fall in love with these beautiful properties that cater to receptions and overnight guests, but you can be confident that these historic landmarks will continue to prosper. You can return as a couple to celebrate your important anniversaries for years to come. Preserve your special memories as you plan for your picture-perfect wedding by using the same plantation for your engagement photograph shoot, engagement party, or rehearsal dinner – these estates are multi-functional and the staff will go out of their way to meet and exceed your expectations.

Sample Locations

There are a couple of great locations for plantation weddings in Charleston, South Carolina, thanks to the rich history of the port city. The Lowndes Grove Plantation on St. Margaret Street is located along theAshley River, which is a great setting for a wedding and photographs. The estate spans 14 acres of carefullymanicured lawns and gardens, a clear reflection of southern elegance andhospitality. The plantation house datesback to the 1700s and has been declared a historic landmark. Thanks to a full renovation in 2008, the bedand breakfast accommodates guests in five suites.

Another option is Middleton Place, just down the road from the Lowndes Grove Plantation. Just a half hour drive from the heart of Charleston, Middleton Place boasts the oldest gardens in the country. Countless wedding ceremonies and parties have taken place beneath the Middleton Oak and the nearby butterfly lakes. The Pavilion provides a bit of shade and cover for outdoor receptions, and the Inn has a complete restaurant and modern hotel with more than fifty guest rooms.

Other Details to Consider for Your Plantation Wedding

No maintained and renovated plantation is a stranger to wedding planning. Talk to the staff to get recommendations for florists and photographers. These employees who have helped with numerous weddings can give you insider information when it comes to professional conduct, accountability, and past performances to help you put together the perfect team to bring your wedding plans to life.

A few details to consider include decorations, event staff, and music. Some brides opt to have tour guides in period costumes lead the guests into the garden, while others simply line a path with luminaries to direct guests toward the ceremony. If you take advantage of the catering and dining facilities, your guests can take a leisurely stroll into the reception hall while you and your husband get a few extra pictures with your photographer after the ceremony. Then join your family and friends on the veranda or in a formal dining room for dinner and dancing. No matter what you have envisioned for your special day, a plantation wedding gives you the perfect setting with all the resources you need to plan the perfect celebration.